On the small estate of the Bartolomé i Vernet family, before and during the twentieth century and until current times, a strong will and passion were mixed and melded together thanks to the family’s loyalty and devotion to the native soil, a legacy which the family itself has learned to take painstaking care of and pass on year after year, century after century, without interruption. It is a legacy which Josep Bartolomé handed down even during the difficult decade of the sixties. Thirty years later, alongside his son-in-law Antonio Rodríguez, he decided to improve the quality of the family’s wines, which were still being sold in bulk. However, it was not until almost the turn of the new century –in 1997– that the family bottled its wines for the first time. The ongoing changes and improvement in wine making processes have now made it possible to express two different facets of a secular wine making tradition through its wines “Primitiu de Bellmunt” and “Clos Bartolomé.”